New Years Goals for 2016

I like lists and I like goals so I’ve made a list of my goals for 2016. I’m not sure it’ll last me all of 2016 but it’s a start!

1. Graduate with a first class degree

First and most important - I’ve got to graduate and I can get a first so I’ve got to go for one. If I can manage this it’ll open a few doors.

2. Make and publish an app

So far I’ve found app development to be a pain in the arse and as a result I’ve never finished any of the apps I’ve started. I have some ideas that should be simple enough to implement but we’ll see how it goes.

3. Jump out a plane and reach terminal velocity. Survive.

It takes around 12 seconds [1] from leaving a plane to reach terminal velocity at 120 mph. I’ve done a few jumps already so If everything goes well it will take another 10 jumps to get to that level. It may be possible to get my BPA A License before I graduate but other things on this list take priority.

4. Do something that I’ve never done before

I’m leaving this one open in case circumstance gets in the way. The current plan is to go far up north and learn how to mush sled dogs. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more on this plan later.