Hello! I'm Joseph Billingsley.

I am a PhD student at the University of Exeter studying resource allocation in virtualised networks. I also bake pies, ride horses and jump out of planes.

How To Write Down Your Pin

A guide for people who can't remember 4 digit numbers

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HCI, NFV, and SLAs - My PhD in Plain English

...or how I wish someone had explained it when I started.

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New Years Goals for 2017

Another year another list.

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A Tour of Thailand

The start of a stint in South East Asia

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Sheep Farming on Clare Island

A little way off the west cost of County Mayo, rests a little island where people live happily away from the rest of the world. I was lucky enough to live and work in this place for a few weeks this year.

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New Years Goals for 2016

I like lists and I like goals so I've made a list of my goals for 2016. I'm not sure it'll last me all of 2016 but it's a start!

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